EinScan EinScan

Four Flexible Scan Modes

Handheld Rapid Scan
Handheld HD Scan
Fixed Scan with Turntable
Fixed Scan without Turntable

Handheld Rapid Scan

For portable and rapid scan.
Recommend for large objects with rich features that don’t require
high accuracy, like large-scale sculptures,
automotive bumpers, human forms, organic shapes, furniture and so on.

Handheld HD Scan

For capturing objects with high accuracy and high-resolution.
Recommend for objects with rich details and difficult to move,
such as large sculptures, automotive parts, castings and so on.

Fixed Scan with Turntable

For completing a 360-degree automatic scan in few minutes.
Recommend for small objects, such as industrial components,
ornaments and small artistic pieces.

Fixed Scan without Turntable

For scanning medium objects.
It’s ideal for capturing with high-accuracy data and rich details.

Color and Texture

By attaching the Color Pack,
EinScan-Pro can capture full-color texture.

EinScan Pro

High Speed

In the Handheld Rapid Scan mode,
the scan speed is 10 fps.
In the Fixed Scan mode,
a single scan takes less than 2 seconds.


The EinScan-Pro is a professional 3D scanner bringing
high-quality data at an entry-level price.

High compatibility with 3rd party hardware and software

Connect it to Any 3D Printers



Color Pack and Industrial Pack are optional add-ons to EinScan Pro for various scanning experience and applications.

Color Pack

Industrial Pack

For Higher Efficiency
& Quality

Manufacturing & Reverse Engineering
3D Modeling for Customized Product and Service via 3D Printing

For Unlimited Inspiration

Art & Heritage

For A Healthier Life


For Creative Imagination

Research & Education
Virtual Display


It’s really impressive and both visually and in terms of polycount, it actually is 10 times better than entry-level infrared 3D scanners.
Rapid Mode makes the Einscan-Pro the handheld 3D scanner with the best geometric accuracy/price ratio currently on the market.
If all quirks are ironed out, the Einscan-Pro might just become something that one can call disruptive.

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When it comes to 3D scanning hardware, you’re usually stuck with a choice between an automated unit and a hand-held, more portable device. Al Dean takes a look at Shining3D’s device that promises the best of both worlds
Today, budgets are tight and having a system like this on hand is going to solve a lot of issues or remove some outsourcing work.
After all, rather than paying for services, you can now afford to purchase one unit that does most of the things you’ll need to do – as it’s available at a pretty stunning price for a unit of this quality that can deliver this resolution of results.

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