EinScan EinScan

Since the release of EinScan in 2015, SHINING 3D’s products have been distributed to over 100 countries and across a wide range of industries.Built on years of 3D scanning expertise and our solid technology basis, EinScan, one of SHINING 3D’S best sellers, has become a highly competitive 3D scanning solution in the global market.We welcome you to join us as a regional partner to help us deliver 3D digital solutions to more local businesses in need, as well as to boost your business and sales.

What can you expect as a SHINING 3D EinScan Partner?


We have an attractive reseller program. Here are what you’ll get:

1. Reliable support.With subsidiaries in EMEA, APAC and AMER to offer timely and guaranteed pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale support.

2. Comprehensive marketing and product trainingto help you learn and grow rapidly.

3. Abundant opportunities of marketing events. SHINING 3D will support resellers to participate in webinar, tradeshow, seminar, and other marketing activities with our special Partner Program Policy.

4. Competitive product pricingand special demo unitdiscount to help you enter the marketeasier.



1. Local workplace and sales engineers are required to provide local pre-saleand after-salesupport;

2. It is preferred with experience in the retail of 3D digital equipment, or 3d scanner application in related industries;

3. Demo equipment are needed to be purchased and kept for frequent demonstration to customers.

Join SHINING 3D’s reseller network to open a world of new opportunities!