Shining 3D is very pleased to announce the winners of the EinScan software beta tester program at the meantime of the launch of EinScan software V2.5. 172 testers from 42 countries across Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, South America and North America, have participated in the EinScan software beta tester program. The overall feedbacks are positive and satisfying towards the updates in V2.5. The integrated quick guide in the software, video instruction of calibration and function of preview scanning have been rated the highest scores.

Feedbacks that testers mentioned most frequently focused on the software installation, software interface, 3D scanning results, usages of different scanning modes and user-experience of updating functions. Before the official release of software V2.5, we have solved the problems including decreasing the memory consumed by the software, adding the brightness level bar, adding the alert sound during calibration and improving the wording of some languages. Also, many valuable suggestions have been scheduled in following software upgrades.

Improvements based on feedbacks in EinScan Software V2.5
·Correct the order of meshing quality level.
·Decrease the memory consumed by the software.
·Add the brightness level bar.
·Add the alert sound during calibration.
·Improve the wording of some languages.
·Optimize the zoom scale tool.

Scheduled improvements in following updates
·Provide the data list that allows users to edit and align individual scan.
·Use the software offline for post possessing.
·Easily switch between the handheld scanning mode and fix mode in the same scan.

Shining 3D’s cycle continues with the introduction of the new Einstart-C 3D printer. This new highly affordable desktop system is now offering state of the art features making it easy and intuitive to use for everyone.

After receiving numerous feedback from the tester program, Shining 3D generously increased the number of winners, adding one to each award, to a total of 6 people. After deliberately discussions, Mr. Boring from Thailand and Olivier from France stood out because of their constructive suggestions and detailed explications, winning the free round-trip to 2017 Shining 3D global partner summit in Hangzhou, who will also be invited to give a speech on the 2017 global partner summit to share their experiences and stories.

The full list of awards
·EinScan Expert Awards:
Mr. Boing Thailand
Olivier Richard France

·Product Upgrading Awards:
Ake Thailand
Johannes Germany

·Excellent Creative Awards:​
Sean Kilmer the USA
Mr. Westrup Netherlands

Learn more about the program and awards: Shining 3D would like to thank all participants of EinScan software beta tester program and is looking forward to the next program for marking EinScan software even better.

About the EinScan Software Beta Tester Program
he EinScan software beta tester program is to invite EinScan users to test the new software in advance. Every piece of advice and suggestion will contribute to making the EinScan software even better. Through participating in this program, the testers will have the chance to become an EinScan Expert recognized by Shining 3D, winning the incredible awards. It aims to provide the best 3D scanner software for all the users.
Learn more about the program: