EinScan Software for Windows

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A vast selection of align modes

The EinScan software provides users with multiple options of alignment, including manual alignment, feature alignment, markers alignment, and turntable coded targets alignment. It also enables hybrid alignment of mixed markers alignment and feature alignment in Handheld Rapid Scan mode.

Easy and quick

Allows users to capture data easily and processes the data automatically. By integrating a quick start guide in the software, users can quickly know the next step by clicking the “question mark” in the software.

Simultaneous data display

Data shows simultaneously on the software, which allows users to timely adjust during scanning.

Professional scan result

With an advanced algorithm, users can get high-accuracy data; Global registration function optimizes the overall accuracy performance under handheld rapid scan mode.

Compatible with popular CAD software and 3D printing

Provides users with a simple way to export 3D data in popular CAD software by supporting multiple output formats and seamlessly bridges 3D data with 3D printing by making meshes watertight.

Mesh Editing

Provides mesh editing such as clean, hole filling, data simplification, smoothing, sharpening etc.

Excellent texture scan

Captures full-color and texture of the scanned object.

User-friendly operation

You can pause or stop at any time during the project or import a previous project to continue scanning.

Mesh example

Multi-language support

Supports multi-language including Spanish, Turkish, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese: allows the users to easily switch between languages.

One-click data sharing on Sketchfab

The captured data can be uploaded to Sketchfab by a simple click.

EinScan Software for Mac (beta version)

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The Mac version implements most of the functions found in the Windows PC version.

  • Smooth scanning process
  • High-quality scanning data
  • User instruction integrated into the software
  • Provide multi-languages interface
  • Support format 3MF (3D manufacturing format)