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New in EinScan Software V3.0 for EinScan-Pro & Pro+


EinScan Software V3.0 for Pro & Pro+ has synchronized most of the features of EXScan Pro V3.2 for EinScan Pro 2X series.


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Brand new UI and workflow

Added data list including scans and groups under Fixed Scan mode

Each scan obtained will be listed individually in the data list, which can be edited, and manually aligned separately.

Optimized data editing tools & Independent post-processing module

Post-processing has become a separate process, which can be done after meshing. Meanwhile, the software has added the function of manual hole filling, improved the results of automatic hole filling, marker filling, and added the degree setting for smoothing and sharpening. Moreover, you can import data in .stl or .obj format to do post-processing directly.

·Manual hole filling & Automatic hole filling 

What is the difference between the manual hole filling and the three-hole filling methods of automatic hole filling?


Tangent calculates the solution considering the point position and the normal of the last row of triangles forming the boundary.


Curvature calculates the solution considering the point position and the normal of the 2 last rows of triangles forming the boundary.


Flat calculates the solution for the hole filling considering the point position on the boundary.

· Marker filling

· Set the smoothing / sharpening ratio to fulfill users’ different needs.

· Support importing stl. or obj. format file to do post-processing directly.


Thank you for your effort and hard work to bring a new major software update for the previous version of product line like EinScan Pro as I have. Love this product, awesome

—— AKE

I like all the new features. The new UI is looking nice and professional. All alignment tools for fixed-scan are powerful and give completely new opportunities to speed up the scanning process in the field.

—— Jani Nuolikoski

Testing the new Original Pro/Pro+ Beta. So I can’t think of a better test than to do it on a new F-15/F-16 pilot model for the sim.


I noticed the tracking works a lot better in “Handheld Rapid Scan” also the processing seems faster. The display when scanning looks a little different than the version but I believe it’s the size of the points for the point cloud that makes it look different.


All in all, the software does help out the original Pro/Pro+ scanners keep their worth even with the newer 2X models out there.

—— Tim Taylor

HD prime + PRO plus – no post production. Now HD prime works very well and there is no tracking lost issue! The detail is good and it is very rapid. This skull of horse has been scanned in about 15 minutes!


FINALLY with the 3.0.01 version of einscan the HD PRIME + PRO PLUS works fine!! Thanks to the Shining staff!!

—— David Massaron

A vast selection of align modes

manual alignment, feature alignment, markers alignment, and turntable coded targets alignment

Easy and quick

Simultaneous data display

Professional scan result

Compatible with popular CAD software and 3D printing

Provides users with a simple way to export 3D data in popular CAD software by supporting multiple output formats and seamlessly bridges 3D data with 3D printing by making meshes watertight.

Mesh Editing

Clean, hole filling, data simplification, smoothing, sharpening etc.

Excellent texture scan

One-click data sharing on Sketchfab

EinScan Software for Mac (beta version)

Apple icon

The Mac version implements most of the functions found in the Windows PC version.

  • Smooth scanning process
  • High-quality scanning data
  • User instruction integrated into the software
  • Provide multi-languages interface
  • Support format 3MF (3D manufacturing format)