EinScan EinScan

Target applications

MSoft can be combined with the EinScan H scanner for movements support, or to process the files you exported from 3DsizeMe or My3DsizeMe. It is designed to work with a vast majority of human body parts, from head to toe. This handy solution targets various applications, including:




・Knee Braces

・Surgical Masks

・Orthopedic Shoes


・Wheelchair Seats

・Spinal Braces

・Compression stockings

・Custom Products


After reconstructing your file to create a clean, watertight 3D model, MSoft will generate the measurements you need in seconds, without requiring any additional action from you.

If needed, you can also add manual landmarks directly on your 3D model to get those precise measurements you want for a complete, richer experience.


TechMed 3D aims to design solutions that allow professionals of every field to work limitless. That’s why the A/B Curve is at your service. Getting distances and circumferences is very helpful, but MSoft’s power pushes the boundaries even further.

If you need this complex measurement between point A and point B, the AB Curve is exactly what you are looking for.


MSoft’s compare module is just genius. Enjoy this ergonomic feature to see and be able to show your patients how the orthosis they wore help them get better.

Look at the before and after scans, side by side or overlapped, to get a better idea of the correction made, but also if further adjustments are required. All this on a single screen so you can work fast and efficiently.