EinScan EinScan

EXScan Pro: Powerful and Intuitive Software

Fixed Scanning:
  • ・One-click Scan
  • ・Background Cutting
Handheld Scanning:
  • ・Auto Cutting Plane
  • ・Flexible Point Distance
  • ・Scan Rewind
User-Friendly Post-Processing:
  • ・Powerful and Easy-to-use Mesh Processing Tools
  • ・Quick Alignment
  • ・Marker/ Point Cloud / Mesh measurement
  • ・Texture Mapper Lite
  • ・Free Shining3D digital cloud space
  • ・Supports 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse

SHINING 3D Digital Cloud is a comprehensive cloud service platform developed by SHINING 3D.

  • ・Securely store 3D data in the cloud for easy access.
  • ・Effortlessly share 3D data with collaborators.
  • ・View 3D models directly within the platform for quick assessment.
  • ・Easily add and edit labels to effectively organize and manage 3D data.

Seamless Integration with Multiple Software Platforms

Currently, EXScan Pro software seamlessly integrates with five third-party applications: Geomagic ControlX, Geomagic DesignX, Geomagic Essentials, QuickSurface, and VeriSurf. This integration enhances the ease and convenience of your subsequent data processing.You can also switch to Texture Mapper Lite directly within EXScan Pro to edit your textures and make them more realistic and accurate.









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