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Desktop 3D Scanners From SHINING 3D

Are you in the market for a desktop 3D scanner? Looking for something that offers good, reliable performance at a reasonable price?

Our stationary EinScan solutions may be just what you need. With the EinScan-SP V2 and the EinScan-SE V2, you'll experience smooth workflows and obtain precise 3D data.

EinScan SE V2

Offers the easiest 3D scanning experience for beginners. It’s intuitive to use and offers a great performance for the price.

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EinScan SP V2

A faster and more advanced desktop solution. Meets professional reverse engineering and design requirements.

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Not sure which EinScan desktop 3D scanner to go for?

The best desktop 3D scanner is the one that fits your use case. Use our product selector (no email required) to help figure out the right balance between specs and price.

You can also take your time and look at dozens of user case studies and stories for inspiration. SHINING 3D users all around the world are using their desktop 3D scanners for Art & Heritage, Design,Healthcare, Manufacturing & Reverse Engineering, andResearch & Education applications.

Faster workflows with the automatic turntable

All you have to do is place your object on the automatic turntable, and the software takes control. It can order the turntable to pivot at a given amount of degrees – say, 40 degrees – for an optimal amount of scans.

Plus, you don't need to worry about losing track when flipping objects over. Our intelligent software will recognize the object's features and automatically merge the scans.

How do desktop 3D scanners work?

Our desktop 3D scanners, the EinScan-SE V2 and SP V2, use structured light technology. This works by projecting a light pattern onto the object. The 3D scanner’s camera then takes a picture of the illuminated object, registering the pattern’s deformation.

By comparing the original pattern to the deformed one, the 3D scanner software is able to determine the object’s 3D shape.

The process, which takes a few seconds, repeats several times for each of the object's sides.

Once each face has been scanned, you obtain a 3D point cloud with hundreds of thousands of points. These XYZ coordinates form triangles which, together, form a 3D mesh.

Why choose our desktop 3D scanners?

Choosing SHINING 3D is choosing expertise, innovation, and exceptional customer experience. In 2015, after over 10 years of developing 3D digitizing technologies for industrial clients, we decided to pour our knowledge and experience into more accessible products. The EinScan series was born, with the EinScan-S.

Thousands of schools, small businesses, and makers have been able to access 3D scanning through the EinScan series.

And we’ve also learned a lot along the way. Our team keeps improving both hardware and software based on our users’ most common pain points. More features, cleaner UX, better translations, enhanced ergonomics – we’re on a mission to provide you with the best desktop 3D scanning experience.

Today, we’re offering our third generation of desktop 3D scanners: the EinScan-SE V2 and SP V2.

Need help finding the right desktop 3D scanner?

Our application engineers are here to help.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback by filling in our contact form.

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Compare our Desktop 3D Scanners by Speed, Accuracy, Resolution, and More

Choosing a desktop 3D scanner isn’t always straightforward. Several factors should be considered: object size, accuracy, and resolution, among others.

Desktop 3D Scanner EinScan-SE V2 EinScan-SP V2
Scan Models Manual; Geometry; Turntable Manual; Geometry; Turntable; Markers; Markers + Turntable
Accuracy ≤0.1 mm ≤0.05 mm
Resolution 0.17 mm 0.17 mm
Scanning Speed (per frame) < 1s < 1s
Scanning Speed (complete scan) < 45s < 45s
Scanning Volume (without turntable) 700x700x700 mm 1200x1200x1200 mm
Scanning Volume (with turntable) 200x200x200 mm 200x200x200 mm
Color Acquisition Yes Yes
Included Software EXScan S EXScan S; Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition

In a nutshell, the EinScan-SP V2 offers higher accuracy and more versatility in terms of 3D scanning modes. It also comes with a custom version of Solid Edge, a professional 3D modeling software suite.

3D Desktop Scanner Reviews

Find out what leading industry media and other users think about our desktop 3D scanners.

EinScan-SE and EinScan-SP reviews

“After seeing the scanners firsthand at the opening of Shining 3D’s EMEA offices, we decided to take the EinScan-SE for a test drive and were extremely excited to test out its capabilities on our own. We quickly found that this “Elite” scanner provided exceptional functionality and accessibility, especially for such an affordable price point.”

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“The Shining 3D EinScan-SP 3D scanner is a very good product- affordable yet powerful. It is a great match for small and medium-sized businesses such as design and architecture studios. In this price range, there are only a few alternatives. Its biggest challenger would be the cheaper EinScan-SE 3D scanner, suitable for less demanding users.”

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“While new manufacturers are emerging and the technology is constantly evolving, SHINING 3D is still a couple of years ahead of the competition. So for that reason, we can say their EinScan-SP 3D scanner is still the best desktop 3D scanner in 2022.”

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Desktop 3D Scanner FAQ

What is a desktop 3D scanner?

A desktop 3D scanner is a stationary 3D scanning solution. Desktop 3D scanners enable semi-automatic workflows when paired with an automatic turntable and compatible software.

How much does a desktop 3D scanner cost?

The cost of a desktop 3D scanner can depend on factors such as features, accuracy, software, and overall quality. Desktop 3D scanner prices typically range from a few thousand dollars to over $100,000.

How to buy a desktop 3D scanner?

If you’d like more information about our 3D scanners, reach out to our Sales team. They’ll put you in touch with a vendor in your country or region.

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