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The EinScan HX V1.3 software beta features many more new functions:
1. Shining 3D User Account —— Register Shining 3D User Account for free to activate your scanner online or offline right away. “Device offline mode” is also available in this version to support data post-processing without a scanner connected. Join the family to keep up-to-date product information and service when available.

2. Markers manual alignment —— This works either automatically or by selecting at least 3 sets of markers to align data according to the mark points. But it’s necessary to ensure that the two projects have no less than 3 common marker points each other.

3. New cutting plane tool UI. The plane can be created by fitting point cloud, straight line and markers. User can adjust cutting plane height and angle freely to achieve accurate editing through rotating, zooming or moving.

4. New selection tool is available. Data can be selected by drawing a line.

5. New mesh editing functions. For accurate selection, orthogonal view should be opened.
Flip normal: Flip scan data direction. Suitable for mold scanning.
Mirror: mirror scan data.

Cutting plane tool: helps to clean out data and align it to the cutting plane

6. During point cloud generation, the optimization function can be turned on or off (laser scan mode only).

7. Laser scan now supports auto exposure.

8. The EinScan HX V1.3 beta now supports Windows 11. Does not support windows 7 and windows 8. To run this version, PC GPU Compute Capability needs to exceed 5.0. Check your graphic card via:

9. EinScan HX now can recognize both 3mm and 6mm markers.

10. The EinScan HX V1.3 beta now supports Spanish and French as additional languages.

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