Since the highly successful release of EinScan Pro 2X 2020 and EinScan Pro HD in 2020, we have received an abundance of praise from our valued users. It has become evident that this product truly fulfills the needs of our users exceptionally well. Its outstanding combination of fixed scanning and handheld scanning capabilities sets it apart and establishes its strong competitive advantage in the market until now.

Not only have we carefully considered the feedback from our users, but we have also taken decisive action. And now, we are thrilled to announce the update release of the EXScan Pro v4.0. This significant software update introduces over 20 new features, meticulously designed to enhance your scanning capabilities and overall satisfaction.

In this detailed article, we will take an in-depth look at the key updates in EXScan Pro v4.0, including how to approach different scenarios for both handheld and fixed scanning and shed light on how each enhancement contributes to the user scanning experience.

Fixed Scanning Key Features

Acclaimed as a top seller for many years for its versatility, an important feature of the EinScan Pro series is the ability to perform fixed scans. This mode is suitable for scanning small to medium-sized objects. Together with the turntable of the industrial module, you can automate the scanning process. The EXScan Pro 4.0 software has a series of upgrades for this scanning mode to help you get the job done efficiently and quickly.

Background Cutting

Say goodbye to tedious post-processing tasks. With the background cutting function, you can automatically mask the background of your scanned object. Adjust the set value to control the masking range, providing you with more flexibility in achieving polished results.

Real-time Marker Recognition

Enhance your scanning accuracy with real-time marker recognition. Green markers are displayed in the left box, enabling you to quickly identify misplaced or improperly attached markers. This feature streamlines adjustments, ensuring precision in your scans.

Powerful Features Added for Handheld Scanning

With the ergonomically designed EinScan Pro Series 3D scanners in hand, you can move your arm freely to scan objects. Handheld rapid scan mode enables portable and fast scanning, and the Handheld HD scanning mode provides high resolution and accuracy. This mode is ideal for scanning relatively small objects up to 1 meter that are rich in surface features. EXScan Pro v4.0 brings powerful features specifically designed for handheld scanning.

Auto Cutting Plane

Auto cutting plane identifies and marks the largest plane during scan previewing. By excluding these marked planes during the scanning process, users can save time and focus on capturing the essential details of the object.

Marker/Point Cloud Editing

In addition, the update also allows users to switch between point cloud editing and marker editing. Editing the point cloud involves actions such as selecting, deselecting, and deleting, while the markers remain unaffected. Similarly, editing the markers does not affect the point cloud. This flexible editing mode enhances the post-processing workflow, enabling users to fine-tune the collected data according to their requirements.

Adjust Point Distance

Also, the update allows users to adjust the point distance. When starting a new project, it is necessary to define a point distance. After scanning, users can also change the point distance. The existing point cloud will be recalculated with the new point distance. If you decide to continue scanning after recalculating, the new point cloud will also be captured with the updated point distance.

Scan Rewind

One of the most awaited features that has been added to handheld scanning software is the Scan Rewind function. This feature allows users to pause the scanning process and select the Rewind option to go back to a previous frame. This can be particularly helpful if a mistake is made during scanning or if a specific area needs to be rescanned. The maximum number of frames that can be rewound at one time is 200 frames, ensuring that users have enough flexibility to correct any errors without losing too much progress.

Upgraded Measurement Features

Object Mover

Effortlessly manipulate your data with the newly added Object Mover. Rotate or move your scanned data to achieve the desired orientation.

Quick Alignment

Achieve precise alignment with Quick Alignment, streamlining your post-processing workflow.

Marker/PointCloud Distance Measurement

Measure distances between markers or point clouds effortlessly, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

New User Interface and Additional Features

Seamless Dock to Texture Mapper Lite & QuickSurface

Whether you want to utilize the convenience of Texture Mapper Lite to improve your workflow or kick-start your reverse design efforts with QuickSurface, it launches seamlessly within the software with a single click.

3Dconnexion Mouse

Experience enhanced control with 3Dconnexion Mouse integration, providing a smoother and more intuitive navigation experience.

More User-Friendly Post-processing Section

Mesh Display Type

Take advantage of a wide range of mesh display types to enhance your visualization options. Choose from triangles, wireframes, point cloud data, or even a combination of triangles and wireframes. This allows you to customize the display according to the specific needs of your project, taking your visualization to the next level.

Model Display

Streamline your workflow with the convenient model display feature. This feature enables you to easily view data from multiple angles without having to constantly rotate the mouse. Save time and effort as you explore and analyze your data from different perspectives.


The new EXScan Pro v4.0 is a game-changer, delivering substantial improvements and innovative features to elevate your 3D scanning experience. From background segmentation to real-time marker recognition, automatic plane segmentation, and marker/point cloud editing, every feature is crafted to enhance precision and efficiency. The upgraded post-processing and measurement features, coupled with a user-friendly interface and additional functionalities, underscore our commitment to providing a seamless and enriched scanning experience for EinScan users.

Download the latest EXScan Pro v4.0 now, or get a quote here, unlocking exciting new possibilities in the world of 3D scanning!