Stuttgart, Germany, 12th December 2019 – SHINING 3D, thewhole solution provider from 3D Digitizing, through Intelligent Design, to Additive Manufacturing is honored to announce the cooperation with 3DVerkstan, whose vision is to make additive manufacturing the most value adding manufacturing method of this century.

“During the years before 3D Verkstan acquired my 3D- Printing / 3D-Scanning business I was using the EinScan Pro scanner on many assignments. The scanner is really easy to use, and as in many other projects, time is money. The output from the scanner is good enough to fulfill the majority of the scanning jobs that I got. When I arrived at 3D-Verkstan it was a logic step to reach out and try to get the products from SHINING 3D into our portfolio. Except selling the scanners directly in Sweden we have a network of extremely skilled retailers who are doing a great job supporting customers throughout all of Scandinavia and the Baltics.” says Patrik Rosén, Sales Manager for SHINING 3D products at 3DVerkstan. “We are delighted to be able to expand our sales network with such a skilled and reliable partner and to offer local support to all our clients in Northern Europe.” agrees Niels Stenzel, Regional Sales Manager EMEA of SHINING 3D. Both companies are looking forward to a successful partnership and to delivering high-quality accessible digitizing solutions to all the Scandinavian customers.



SHINING 3D, founded in 2004, is pioneering independent research and the development of 3D digitizing and 3D printing technologies.  SHINING 3D provides professional solutions covering “3D Digitizing – Intelligent Design – 3D Printing” for various industries including industrial manufacturing, healthcare & life sciences, product customization, and education. SHINING 3D is well-positioned in the market and manufacture 3D products at a large scale, offer powerful 3D digital technologies, and provide strong support service worldwide. SHINING 3D’s mission is improve the efficiency of high-quality 3D modeling, to enable flexible production of high performance, complex structure parts, and to make 3D digitizing and manufacturing technologies accessible to all; from large multi-national corporations worldwide to at home hobbyist. As the leader among Chinese 3D printing companies, SHINING 3D has currently extended a strong international influence with customers in more than 70 different countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa.