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EXScan HX_v1.3.0.3.exe

OS: win


1.Shining 3d account now available
2.Manual alignment supports marker align now
3.New cutting plane tool UI
4.New selection tool available. You can now draw a line to select data. Please open Orthogonal View to do accurate selection
5.Added new mesh editing functions
6.For laser scan mode, user now can turn on/off optimize point cloud when doing point cloud generation
7.Laser scan now supports auto exposure
8.It supports Windows 11. It does not support windows 7 and windows 8. Also, to run this version, PC GPU Compute Capability needs to exceed 5.0. You can check your Graphics card here:developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus#compute
9.HX now can recognize both 3mm and 6mm markers. Please make sure your markers are purchased from us
10.It supports Spanish and French now


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