To date the huge demand for customized products confronts businesses and professionals from a broad array of industries with the question: how can customized products be designed accurately, effectively and at reasonable cost? Is there a device which can meet the needs of easy operation, powerful software and output formats for different manufacturing methods? 3D scanning of the human body has become an essential and highly competitive actionstep in the process chain of customized products manufacturing. SHINING 3D has developed the EinScan H hybrid light LED & Infrared handheld 3D scanner to elaborately answer to the 3D scanning needs of doctors, artists and designers for high resolution crisp scanning data of the human body in all its shapes and forms with intricate colors and authentic details.

No matter if you need to acquire the human body´s extremities, the torso or even the previously oh- so-tricky-to-capture hair structure. With the EinScan H you are conveniently set up for success.

We have compiled a bunch of insightful videos for you to learn how the EinScan H works practically. If you are into the numbers, facts and figures of the lates body 3D scanning solution, you can download the brochure here:

Download brochure here


Hand Scan by Handheld 3D Scanner EinScanH


Arm Scan by Handheld 3D Scanner EinScanH

Leg Scan by Handheld 3D Scanner EinScanH

Full Body  Scan Solution by Handheld 3D Scanner EinScanH

We are here for you! Would you like to understand how the EinScan H can be effectively integrated into your business´ workflow? Contact us via and our sales agents will happily consult you on how to adopt body 3D scanning in your discipline.