In the recently concluded SIGGRAPH 2017, held from 30th July to 3rd August in Los Angeles which attracted over 16,500 attendees from around the world, Shining 3D presents there with our latest equipment and technologies.

On the exhibition, EinScan series have been the focus and attracted lots of visitors. Many visitors were amazed at the high quality of portrait 3D scanning result from EinScan Pro+, the multi-functional handheld 3D scanner, as well as the appealing price. Also the EinScan desktop 3D scanners series have been asked a lot; one of the visitors had seen the scanning results from EinScan-SP on the Internet before, he particularly brought two thin-wall parts to scan on-site, which got an impressing result without any problems during alignment.

SIGGRAPH is the world’s largest and most influential annual conference and exhibition dedicated to computer graphics and interactive techniques. We believe that the use of 3D technologies will lead to more dimensions of applications in the future.

Founded in 2004 in Hangzhou, China, SHINING3D provides a wide-range of 3D scanning and 3D printing solutions for both industrial and consumer applications. The company is also offers a wide range of design and manufacturing services, as well as a fully-established network cloud platform.
SHINING3D is China’s first company in the 3D digitizing and printing industry to be listed on the OTC market. SHINING3D submissions for patent protection include 64 utility patents for inventions, 54 utility model patents, 27 appearance patents and 55 software copyright submissions. SHINING3D’s solutions have been used in a wide range of industrial segments including automotive, aerospace, mold and die, electronics, consumer goods, dentistry, orthopedics, cultural relic preservation, sculpture, construction, energy, scientific research and vocational education. Worldwide customers include Intel, Bosch, Adidas, Panasonic, China Southern Locomotive, SVW, BAIC MOTOR and Autodesk.