Digital Approach to Fast &
Efficient Paint Protection Film Application


Paint protective film is a thermoplastic polyurethane film that also uses a polymer calendered PVC film, a binder, and a clay coated paper. It is mainly used in painted exteriors such as side mirrors, hoods, door edges, door handle pockets, bumpers, rocker arm panels and wheel flares. The film prevents stone chips, insect pests, automotive liquid stains, road tar stains, scratches, and outdoor weathering.

SHINING 3D and ExactFlat have teamed up to bring an insightful webinar to you.Paint Protection Film Fabricators can make better templates faster with Shining 3D EinScan HX Handheld 3D Scanner and ExactFlat 3D to 2D digital pattern making software. Ask your local Shining Reseller or Shining 3D for more information and a demo. You can also watch a summarization intro video below.


Applications include:

  1. Automotive
  2. Electrical and Electronics
  3. Aerospace and Defense
  4. Others

Check the Full Video if you haven’t seen! Let’s achieve better and faster templates and patterns for paint protection film!