Accuracy  is the essential requirement when you are looking to purchase a 3D scanner. Each EinScan 3D scanner was factory-tested and achieved, at least, the listed accuracy from the technical specification chart.

EinScan HX has 2 scan modes for different applications:

2 scan modes for different applications


Additionally to the internal testing procedures, the scanners are also certified by a third party authority. In this article, the processes and the results of the certification are introduced. The scanner accuracy from the technical specification is tested, which complies with VDI/VDE 2634 standards.


The Tested Model:

EinScan HX

SN: EinscanPEA-HXBX004H11


Test Method:

The reference object (few sets of certified ceramic balls on carbon fiber) is scanned by handheld scanning according to 2634 Part 1 standards, and sphere spacing error is measured, it defines the length in between the centers of each two corresponding spheres and compares it to the calibrated length, so as to the defined deviation. The data is measured in Geomagic Control X.


Artifact information:

Calibrated nominal dimensions:

Sphere set 1 spacing: 15.86255mm

Sphere set 2 spacing: 28.01287mm

Sphere set 3 spacing: 43.92210mm

Sphere set 4 spacing: 62.18221mm

Sphere set 5 spacing: 89.89606mm

Sphere set 6 spacing: 126.01265mm

Sphere set 7 spacing: 175.88444mm

Sphere set 8 spacing: 242.43083mm

Sphere set 9 spacing: 319.71271mm

Calibrated nominal dimensions:

Calibrated nominal dimensions:



The accuracy of a scanner consists of 2 parts, single shot accuracy and volumetric accuracy. Volumetric accuracy refers to the relationship between 3D data accuracy and object size, which means the accuracy of the scans aligned and merged into a complete data set.

Volumetric accuracy range of an object should be calculated as follows:

Volumetric accuracy= single shot accuracy+(length of the object/1m)* alignment accuracy


EinScan HX Accuracy:

Rapid Scan Laser Scan
Single shot accuracy Up to 0.05mm Up to 0.04mm
Volumetric accuracy 0.05+0.1mm/m 0.04+0.06mm/m


The width of the standard object is 0.32m.

Laser Scan: The volumetric accuracy=0.04+0.06*(0.32/1)mm=0.0592mm

Rapid Scan: The volumetric accuracy=0.05+0.1*(0.32/1)mm=0.0820mm

In this test, we measured the Ball set 7, 8 and 9.


Test Results:

Test result examples:

Test result of Laser Scan Test NO.3 Ball Set 9.
Test result of Laser Scan Test NO.3 Ball Set 9.


Test result of Laser Scan Test NO.1 Ball Set 9.
Test result of Laser Scan Test NO.1 Ball Set 9.


Laser Scan:

Test No. Ball set Measured sphere spacing(mm) Standard sphere spacing(mm) Error(mm)
1 9 319.75865 319.71271 -0.04594
8 242.47052 242.43083 -0.03969
7 175.91701 175.88444 -0.03257
2 9 319.75172 319.71271 -0.03901
8 242.46163 242.43083 -0.0308
7 175.91237 175.88444 -0.02793
3 9 319.75805 319.71271 -0.04534
8 242.47524 242.43083 -0.04441
7 175.91910 175.88444 -0.03466
Average error -0.03782


Rapid Scan:

Test No. Ball set Measured sphere spacing(mm) Standard sphere spacing(mm) Error(mm)
1 9 319.78332 319.71271 -0.07061
8 242.49704 242.43083 -0.06621
7 175.92294 175.88444 -0.0385
2 9 319.79057 319.71271 -0.07786
8 242.50167 242.43083 -0.07084
7 175.9371 175.88444 -0.05266
3 9 319.76994 319.71271 -0.05723
8 242.48608 242.43083 -0.05525
7 175.88902 175.88444 -0.00458
Average error -0.05486

The data shows that the accuracy of the tested scanner is within the claimed accuracy range.


Besides the factory tested guarantee of accuracy, each EinScan HX hybrid lightsource 3D scanner is also coming with a calibration set, so users can manually calibrate the scanner themselves to ensure high accuracy. Standard  Calibration is not required often. Only when you have accuracy concerns, when the misalign or tracking lost  is a regular occurrence, accuracy decrease or after a long-distance transportation. Quick calibration is used between 2 standard calibrations, to maintain the accuracy at a high level.

Standard calibration
Standard calibration


White calibration
White calibration


Laser calibration
Laser calibration


Quick calibration
Quick calibration


EinScan HX is able to scan in Laser mode with markers alignment to assure repeatability and better accuracy. Alignment by feature or texture are also available under Rapid Scan mode when accuracy comes secondary.

Einscan provides you with a professional 3D scanning experience with high quality 3d modeling for multiple applications.