The EinScan Pro 2X and Geomagic Essentials Help Create a Customized Solution


It´s no secret that all around the world retail markets are seeing the rise in higher quality goods. One of the driving forces behind this movement is the ability to customize or custom make products to tailor-fit customer needs at lower costs than what was ever available. Affordable 3D scanners like the EinScan Pro 2X Plus have greatly reduced the entry barrier for businesses to adapt to customizable solutions. Simply put, being able to 3D scan an object and reverse engineer a solution from it is a groundbreaking process in the manufacturing world. High quality 3D data allows the manufacturer to customize designs without the need of the original CAD data. This opens the door to endless possibilities and options in the retail world.


Introduction and Customer Specifications

3DPrintAU is one of SHINING 3D’s trusted partners. They specialize in 3D solutions for a variety of businesses and their latest endeavor was working with on a custom project. Salty Surf Housings specialize in manufacturing customized underwater hand-held camera cases and housings. Their camera housings prove invaluable to the many consumers who are looking for a reliable way to protect their expensive camera equipment during underwater hobbies. The task at hand was to create a rubberized grip that attaches to the camera housing to ensure total control in underwater conditions. The grip they selected to base their project on is none other than the time-tested rubber grip of an AK-47.



Using the EinScan Pro 2X Industrial Pack’s tripod and turntable they were able to get a high-quality scan of the grip within minutes using the scanner’s auto-scan function. The detail of the scan was so high that the dimples of the handle were captured in the image as well. The dimples would need to be removed from the final model as the specifications for the customized grip were different. Luckily, using Geomagic Essentials to post process the scan data the dimples were easily removed using the sandpaper tool featured in the software.

Once the cleaned-up model was ready the STEP file was imported into CAD design software and reversed engineered to meet the specifications required for the grip. The completed model is then brought to life using a CNC machine. The final aluminum part is pictured below.




EinScan Pro 2X RED Bundle

The entire project from start to finish was completed using SHINING 3D’s latest 3D Scan to Design solution, the RED (Reverse Engineering and Design) Bundle. The RED Bundle brings together the multifunctionality of the EinScan Pro 2X and partners it with 2 powerful software solutions in Geomagic Essentials and Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition. This equips users with all the necessary tools for professional grade reverse engineering and design applications. For more information on the EinScan Pro 2X line of scanner or any of our other products, please reach out to