Changing the Face of Forensic with Fast, Precise, and Contactless SHINING 3D EinScan 3D Scanners


As with many of the TV shows we’ve seen, when police find a body or skeleton in the crime scene, they usually quickly pack it up and haul it away. Then back at the forensic lab or coroner’s office, they examine the remains and try to determine the cause of death and other details. Photo shoots certainly restore some of the scenes, but it is usually not specific enough and risks losing evidence. It is also common practice to seal physical evidence and keep it in the evidence room, but over time, this evidence could be damaged or even disappear. 3D scanning changes all that.

SHINING 3D participate in the construction of Zhejiang Jiaxing Central Court’s Material Evidence Cloud. Combining high-precision 3D digital technology, AI, and blockchain, the Material Evidence Cloud has been deeply used in civil physical evidence collection, criminal-related murder weapon restoration, and other judicial fields, which not only does improve the efficiency and accuracy of case scene investigation but also facilitates the subsequent digital archiving and analysis work.



Evidence collection and 3D digitization

EinScan Pro HD multifunctional handheld 3D scanner can quickly collect 3D information of physical evidence, generate high-precision 3D models, upload them to the blockchain platform, and automatically generate unique QR codes that can be scanned by judges and parties to view at any time.



Crime Scene 3D Restoration

EinScan H Hybrid LED & Infrared Light Source Handheld Color 3D Scanner has infrared VCSEL and white LED two light sources, which adapt to a variety of scanning object requirements. It can scan all objects at the crime scene, like traces, blood, and weapons, to obtain high-precision 3D data and easily reproduce the crime scene.

Following criminal investigation organs can use the 3D data for 3D modeling, coloring, and reconstruction of the spatial layout of the crime scene, simulation of the crime process animation, to provide strong support for a criminal investigation to solve the case, and to provide conclusive evidence for the court trial sentencing.



Footprint Identification Analysis

SHINING 3D EinScan Pro HD multifunctional handheld 3D scanner can quickly scan the site footprint without pasting markers to obtain a high-precision 3D data model, showing the 3D shape of the footprint in high detail.



Injury Identification

SHINING 3D EinScan Pro 2X 2020 multifunctional handheld 3D scanner with a white light source can quickly collect 3D data of the injury area with a high degree of restoration. Combined with Anzheng Technology’s Zhen 3D forensic injury intelligent identification system, it provides a reliable 3D solution for injury identification.

The SHINING 3D EinScan 3D scanners have changed the face of forensic science, and their digital features have allowed researchers and investigators around the world to take a leap forward with 3D digitizing technology.