Online shopping is quite common everywhere, E-commerce site has now become an important platform for sellers to display their products. Currently, pictures, videos and texts are visual tools widely used to attract potential customers, while sellers are always seeking advanced technologies such as a 3D virtual shopping tour to enhance in-store and online customer experience. 3D scanning turns the physical objects into 3D models in a fast way, which can be used for virtual display for online advertising.

Especially for the furniture industry, 3D virtual display is able to show the unique design and delicate details of the furniture, making you stand out from your competitors. To capture the high-quality 3D data of a large number of furniture in different sizes, EinScan Pro 2X multi-functional handheld 3D scanner enables an efficient and innovative way.

SHINING 3D’s partner in Shenzhen, Lexcent 3D Printing, recently used the EinScan Pro 2X to digitalize the furniture for a brand at JD’s furniture experience center (JD, one of the biggest online store in China). From capturing the 3D model as well as the full-color texture to data post-processing, it has formed an integrated solution for 3D display of furniture.

Imported the scanned model into CAD software for post-processing. Firstly, checking the integrity of the data, then adjusting the coordinates, performing texture matching, and finally processing the detail and digital effect. By completing these steps, the data would be imported into Keyshot for rendering. It would be finally displayed in the form of 3D scene on the e-commerce site.

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Exploring the 3D models of furniture through mobile devices, customers are like walking around in the physical furniture store and having a complete look for their apartments, which helps them better browse and choose items for their home.