The Complete 3D Scan to Design Solution

The EinScan Pro 2X Plus is known for it’s multi-functionality, high detail scans, ease of use, and accessible pricing. Its easy to see why this scanner has become the fastest selling handheld 3D scanner on the market. With the capabality to scan small and large objects alike and with relative ease, the EinScan Pro 2X fits as the perfect tool for 3D digitizing in a myriad of real world applications. These applications include small scale 3D modeling, digital archiving, human body scanning, AR/VR, interior arhcitecture,  and  reverse engineering of mechanical parts just to name a few. The flexibility of the EinScan Pro 2X Plus is simply unrivaled and SHINING 3D has reinforced this by partnering up with 2 key industry software giants to deliver a total package, SHINING 3D’s RED Bundle (Reverse Engineering and Design). This bundle includes everything needed for scan to design workflows, including the Industrial Pack add-on (Tri-pod and turntable), and licenses to both Geomagic Essentials by 3D Systems and Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition by SIEMENS. SHINING 3D’s RED Bundle is the complete 3D scan to design solution.

The most commonly used application for handheld 3D scanner is reverse engineering. The ability to capture organic shapes and difficult to draw objects in minutes has proven to be an invaluable tool for businesses and professionals alike. CAD drawings can take countless hours and modifying complex parts for customized solutions can be a nightmare without a working CAD model.  The EinScan Pro 2X Plus allows you to 3D scan an object in a matter of minutes and create an accurate 3D model of the part. That alone can save artists and engineers hours of time but the process of what to do with the 3D scan is where the bulk of the work needs to be done. The most common native workflows in our industry are all CAD based, but unfortunately 3D scans have some underlying issues with CAD software that can make them difficult to work with without the proper solutions. SHINING 3D’s RED Bundle is the complete 3D scan to design solution that is compatible with all CAD native workflows.

SHINING 3D’s latest video shows just how easy the complete 3D scan to design workflow really is. The scan itself is the easiest task. Even in Handheld HD scan mode, the highest resolution scan mode of the EinScan Pro 2X, the complete scan of the object is done in less than 1 minute. HD scan mode is slower than the EinScan Pro 2X’s rapid scan mode, but it captures more details at a higher resolution thanks to the use of HD Prime Pack add-on or markers. These high-quality scans make the ideal scan mode for reverse engineering complex parts. Once the object is scanned, the file is meshed using EXScan software. The completed 3D scan can then be exported directly into Geomagic Essentials with the click of a button.

Geomagic Essentials is the perfect bridge for scan to CAD workflows. CAD models are perfect, solid models because they are drawn to be this way. 3D scans are different. They are taken from the real world and show the imperfections an object may have and will sometimes be extremely complex yet unfinished at the same time. This is the biggest challenge that engineers face when working with 3D scans. Geomagic Essentials allows the user to prepare and perfect the 3D scan before bringing it into a CAD software. The hole filling process to fill the holes left behind by the markers is seamless and executed perfectly by the software. Essentials allows you to delete redundant areas and align the coordinates of the scan making it perfect to work in stricter CAD environments. It also allows the use of NURBS surfacing to create perfect curvature and surfaces around the piece as well as feature extraction which allows you to target specific areas and perfect their shape. Geomagic Essentials is the perfect software to prepare any 3D scan for whatever CAD software you use but SHINING 3D has gone above and beyond and included the perfect software to compliment it with Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition by SIEMENS.

Once the model has been completed in Geomagic Essentials it can be easily exported into Solid Edge in seconds. Since the model has already been prepared for CAD environments it is a seamless transition of the workflow. Solid Edge allows you complete control in the reverse engineering process. Rebuild contours, add features, and create a workable solid part all in minutes with the tools included. Since the scan has now been converted into a CAD model it is completely customizable to tailor-fit the needs of your application and can all be done as a 2D mechanical drawing.

SHINING 3D’s RED Bundle is the complete 3D scan to design solution. The collaboration between these 3 companies has revolutionized the way 3D scan to design workflows are done. Never has the hardware been more affordable and the technology so easily accessible. SHINING 3D’s RED Bundle has already launched and is available for purchase from your local sales representatives. This bundle includes everything needed for scan to design workflows, including the EinScan Pro 2X line of multi-functional handheld 3D scanner with Industrial Pack add-on (Tri-pod and turntable), and both the Geomagic Essentials and Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition by SIEMENS software.

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